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R. Bruce Baum

International Brotherhood of Magicians and Ring 12

Dr. Baum has been a leader at the annual Creative Problem Solving Institute for over 40 years only missing a few years due to illness.  He was a leader of Springboard Programs at CPSI for over 20 years and has facilitated Extending Programs on a variety of topics.  As a professor of Special Education at SUNY Buffalo State College, among his other responsibilities, he taught a graduate course entitled Person to Person Interaction for Effective Teaching that incorporated units on Creative Problem Solving and facilitation.  As a member of the Association for Applied and Therapeutic Humor and as a Certified Laughter Leader, he has facilitated many programs on humor and laughter.  Dr. Baum has been a leader in creativity conferences in South Africa (14 years), Singapore, Japan, Namibia, Dubai, Cyprus, Abu Dhabi, Toronto and throughout the United States. Bruce has authored two books:  How To Motivate Audiences: 121 Energizers, Ice Breakers and Activities to Promote Creative Problem Solving, Teamwork and Laughter and The Almost Wet Your Pants Book of Humor. He is currently working on another book.  The tentative title is 100 Magic Tricks That Even You Can Do.

Over the years Bruce has had a variety of creative pursuits including humor, laughter, dealing with difficult people, team building and the FISH philosophy among many others.  Most recently, his main pursuit has been that of magic from both learning and teaching perspectives. His favorite thing he has enjoyed about CPSI has been connecting with participants and leaders and re-connecting with them on a somewhat regular basis. He is looking forward to trying to continue this process for the first time in an online format.  It will be an interesting challenge, but Bruce is looking forward to seeing how it can be successful.

My Speakers Sessions

Thursday, June 25

7:00pm EDT

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