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Michelle Dolan

Thinker in Residence
Michelle views CPS as a critical life tool, one which can help us reframe more imaginatively how we approach the challenges we encounter in our everyday personal and professional lives. She  currently works as ‘Thinker in residence’ at Rejig, Belfast where all of their working practices are embedded with creative problem solving. As a facilitator she has worked across education at all levels, and the community and voluntary sector in Northern Ireland. Her experience as a facilitator has allowed her to work with diverse groups facing diverse challenges.  Michelle is really interested in exploring human experience and CPS is a tool which can really enrich human experience so she feels very lucky to be able to marry her interests through the dynamic field of creative facilitation. She believes that creativity is a powerful and transformative tool and having the opportunity to observe and learn from this in action is a privilege.She is eternally curious and loves exploring the connections between her passions: anthropology, art & design, creativity, music and the outdoors. Michelle is one of the craft facilitators at a local community group in Belfast. It‘s a non-denominational group which welcomes people new to the city, and attracts people from all over the world. This cultural richness is reflected in the craft sessions each week. With varying levels of English amongst group members she must construct her sessions in a language-less way and she really loves this challenge. Michelle is really looking forward to meeting new people and learning about the ways in which they are marrying their passions in the field of CPS.
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